GP Double Glazing Unit

Product Descriptions
GP Double Glazing Units are in essence two pieces of glass put together under a controlled environment with uniform spacing in between via an aluminium spacer. Sealed to the perimeter in controlled conditions, the spacer contains a dessicant (dry agent) which eliminates moisture vapour in the cavity.
GP Double Glazing Units is in accordance to BS EN1279-1:2002
GP Double Glazing Glass is supplied to conform to the following standard when specified:
- Germany Standard (DIN) – 1286/52344 Internationally Recognized and accepted standard.

Product Features

Scratch Resistant:
The permanent non-porous surface is very resistant to scratches and it is impossible to remove pattern on this type of glass without damaging the glass substrate.
Fade Resistant:
The colour of the coating is very durable and will not fade even if subjected to harsh climates.
Reduced Glare & Solar Transmission:
Patterned glass can be designed to reduce glare and solar transmission.
Wide Range of Colours & Patterns:
A wide range of standard colours and patterns are available with a custom pattern colour upon request.

Product applications
• Hotels & buildings, especially those with high heating or cooling needs.
• Airport control towers and other such environments which require regulated atmosphere and condensation prevention.
• Laboratories and other buildings that require temperature and humidity controls.

Choice of Sash
A) Always choose a sash with groove wide and deep enough for a standard installation.
B) The sash should have holes for water drainage.
C) As Double Glazing Units are double the weight of monolithic glass, it is important to support them with a strong enough sash.
D) The sash used must not have an uneven groove as this will lead to uneven support. Support which prevents optimum performance from the GP Double Glazing Units.

Avoiding Thermal Cracks
A) Thermal cracks may occur if heat absorbing glass or wired glass is used.
B) Vents of heating and cooling systems should not directly face the GP Double Glazing Unit to avoid thermal cracks from occurring.

A) Keep the GP Double Glazing Units indoors in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight when storing on-site
B) Always keep indoors as shown in the diagram for a long period of time.