GP Ceramic Painted Glass

Product Descriptions
GP Ceramic Painted Glass is produced by a process of silk-screening ceramic colours and patterns onto the glass surface from a wide range of patterns, ranging from company symbols to contemporary art and decorative finishes such as marble granite and wood grain. GP Ceramic Painted Glass can be used monolithically, laminated or double glazed.
GP Ceramic Painted Glass is in accordance to ASTM C-1048.

Colour Chart

Product Features
Scratch Resistant:
The permanent non-porous surface is very resistant to scratches and it is impossible to remove pattern on this type of glass without damaging the glass substrate.
Fade Resistant:
The colour of the coating is very durable and will not fade even if subjected to harsh climates.
Reduced Glare & Solar Transmission:
Patterned glass can be designed to reduce glare and solar transmission.
Wide Range of Colours & Patterns:
A wide range of standard colours and patterns are available with a custom pattern colour upon request.

Product applications
• Bathroom Fittings such as shower screens
• Doors & Sidelights
• Furniture Shelves
• Lead Lighting
• Balustrades
• Internal & External Claddings
• Furniture, eg: Table tops
• Kitchen Cabinets and Cutting Boards
• Office & Home Partitions