GP Tempered Safety Glass

Product Descriptions
Several times tougher than ordinary glass with residual surface compression in excess of 10,000 psi, GP Tempered Safety Glass is heat treated by heating ordinary float glass in high temperature and then cooling it rapidly by blowing air onto its surfaces.

GP Tempered Safety Glass is supplied to comply with either of the following standards where specified:
1. ANSI Z97.1:2004
2. BS 6206:1981
3. BS EN12600:2002
4. BS EN12150:2000
5. AS/NZS 2208:1996

Product Features
Strength : 3 to 5 times higher impact and bending strength than ordinary glass.
Heat Resistant : Resistant to rapid temperature changes or thermal shocks which can cause ordinary glass to crack.
Safety : When GP Tempered Safety Glass breaks, it will shatter into small blunt pieces, thus preventing serious injuries.

Product applications
• Frameless Tempered Glass Doors
• Curtain Walls
• Escalator Side Panels
• Showcases
• Shop Fronts
• Balustrades
• Shower Doors

Value Added Services
Heat Soak Test is an effective test applied onto tempered glass aimed at reducing the risk of spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulphide presense. The testing procedure involves heating the tempered glass for several hours towards expediting the aging process, where any Nickel Sulphide content will result in breakage. Thus it is important to detect the presence of any Nickel Sulphide within the tempered glass prior to site installation, as this will reduce the chances (although not 100%) of spontaneous breakage on site.

Heat Soak testing is in accordance to BS EN 14179:2005.