GP Heat Strengthened Glass

Product Descriptions
GP Heat Strengthened Glass are manufactured similar to GP Tempered Glass except that the glass cools less rapidly and has residual surface compression greater than 3,500 psi and less than 10,000 psi.
If the glass is broken, the break pattern will vary according to surface compression. GP Heat Strengthened Glass also offers improved optical viewing quality compared to GP Tempered Glass.

Product Features
After being heat treated, GP Heat Strengthened Glass cannot be cut, drilled, edged or sanded, hence all dimensions and specifications must be determined prior.
Strength : Twice as strong and possesses greater impact resistance compared to ordinary glass. It also has higher bending strength.
Heat Resistant : It offers good resistance to thermal stress but less than tempered glass.
Safety : IF GP Heat Strengthened glass is broken, the pieces tend to remain on frame and stick together in large pieces.

Product applications
• Windows
• Curtain Walls
• Shop Fronts
• Balustrades